Monday, October 7, 2013

Sleepy Sunday Arrived Home Davisville AZ Team

Greetings from Muggy Pennsylvania!

(this photo was taken at the Hoover Dam Saturday)

It was a long, over booked, red eye flight home! Some of us got some sleep, some of us did not! But, we were thankful that all our luggage got through and none was lost. It was wonderful to see Lisa Holding standing right outside with the church van waiting for us! Then we got to the van, and see Betty Thompson inside with coffee and donuts! What a blessing to a tired, weary team! I think we got to actually appreciate humidity, as where we were on the reservation, it is very dry and had times it was windy and kicked up the dust and sand outside. We also dealt with the dust from all the construction inside and had respiratory congestion, dry lips and bloody noses. The moisture in the air has helped some of that already!
   We really did finish on Friday. The men started gathering their tools and packing them in the suitcases they were brought in. Mel and I finished painting the church sign when Pastor Edison's sister, Jamie came in to see Mel. She saw us working on the sign. She said that the 3 years that her brother was the Pastor at the church, she never noticed the sign. She saw the times of the services on the sign were not correct. I said to her,"Well, that is the times that were origionally on the sign. But tell us the correct times and we will repaint them on the sign." So thankful that the Lord brought her in at that time, so the sign would be correct and will then be visible to the community.

Jamie brought their native dress and showed Mel and I their native dance and some of their customs and traditions. Mel got to spend more time with the Pastor, his wife Debbie and Jamie, And through teaching the women crocheting, they developed a bond with them that was an encouragement to them.
  Friday evening we used to wind down, clean up and pack up. We went down to the lodge to have some dessert and had the same waitress we had when we met with our Hopi friends and she is a believer. We have encountered several people that we had some impact on people our week in Peach Springs and Kingman.
Austin knocking on the wrong door.
This is Walt's house & dog! We woke him up!

   One person who we blessed and who blessed the socks off us, is Walt. We stopped by his house and gave him left over wires and things he could use as an electrician. We first knocked on the front door of the wrong house. We knew he had a red truck and there was a red truck in the driveway. We almost left the box of supplies & thank you card when someone spotted a house down the street with a red truck. So, we drove down and it was the right house! Whew!!
We got to give him the card and supplies directly! We all got to see him one more time and thanked him. We invited to come to PA sometime.
  We got on America's Main St, Rte 66! We stopped in to make our last returns at Home Depot and Mel showed one of the employees that we have dealt with several times during the week, photos of what we were doing all week. He was amazed. I bet they rarely see a project that they contributed to!
  We stopped again at the Hoover Dam where Marty arranged to meet a friend of his from San Diego to spend the day with us to be like tour guide for us and to get to know him. We spent most of the day at the Hoover Dam walking over the Mike O'Callahan & Pat Tillman Memorial bridge where the state line between Arizona & Nevada is in the middle. It gave you a breathtaking view of the Hoover Dam.

This is the view on top of the bridge, and the picktures below are from the road crossing the dam.

The youngest & oldest team member.

We took numerous photos of the Hoover Dam and enjoyed our day there. But we needed to head for the airport. We drove through the main route through downtown Las Vegas. We did stop and walked a bit and watched this beautiful water show.



We had more than our fill and headed for the airport for our journey home.

 We are very thankful for this opportunity to the Hualapai People! May this church be a light house to the community and reach people for Jesus Christ! Thanks all for your support!
                                                        In Christ,

                     Jan Vogel-Manz for thr Davisville Arizona Team 2013.
Fran Branigan, Pat Piel, Marty Miller, Will & Melody Santiago, Austin Hall, Eric Schumann and Joe Chrostowski.

"I will praise You, O LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing praise to Your Name, O Most High." Psalm 9:1,2.



Friday, October 4, 2013

Davisville AZ Team Terrific Thursday to Finish Friday

Greetings from Hualapai Lodge!
   I'm at the lodge to access Wifi which has not been that good but is excellent this morning. Like I said in the last blog post, there are so many photos I could share but it takes a long time to upload them!
  Yesterday, the men worked very, very hard and up until 11 pm. The Boss, Fran had certian goals that he wanted the men to reach by the end of Thursday. Let me tell you families of these men, you are going to have some weary men come home on Sunday! I am amazed at how they keep going and working and seeing things come to completion. From where they started to where they are this Friday morning, is unbelievable!
    Finish up Friday is just that, clean up and do the finishing touches. The kitchen was set up and the 2 bathrooms are in working order. It was nice for Mel and I to be able to use the bathroom without having to go through the sanctuary where the men are sleeping in the middle of the night!
   The Pastor and his wife had to leave town so we said our goodbyes last night. Mel has done a fantastic job with meals and even getting into moving walls and hammering and ripping out walls. She is a huge asset to this team! I have the project of repainting their church sign. The wood is rotted and you can barely read the sign. So I worked most of the afternoon on that yesterday and will try to finish it up today. It is a little tough painting rotting woodand  doing lettering free hand.

   Hump Day was a very much needed day for these hard working men! Tomorrow we depart for the Las Vegas Airport to take the red eye flight home!

"And whatsoever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the Name og the LORD JESUS, giving thanks to God the Father through Him" Colossians 3:17.
 It has been a privilege to serve the LORD by serving the Hualapai people with this team, in this capacity! I believe the LORD and Davisville were well represented and pray that what was done for eternity and the Gospel will bear much fruit! Praise be to God!
The Progression of the addition to attach the church with the Sunday School building.


The work inside doing the plumbing, electrical, the drywall, the moving and building of walls. Putting the lighting up, hooking up the kitchen and the bathrooms.

 Our two miracles of God's provisions. Walt coming and helping the men with the electrical and the perfect strangers coming with their truck to give us all the wood for building! All angels God sent to provide and encourage. God sent them!

Mel cooking in the new kitchen with the sink hooked up. She was washing the dishes outside with very little water.

 Mel helping Fran move this wall!
Jan doing odds and ends.
 The Progression of the bathrooms.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hump Day!

Greetings from the Hualapai Reservation!!
    "Hey mikemikemikemikemikemike! Guess what day it is? Awe come on, I know you can hear me..."
     Wednesday was hump day! We needed a day off and we took off from our many hours
of work to have our new found friend, Walt from the Hualapai Tribe who came as our angel from God to help us with the electrical work. He took us to many sites on the Hualapai Reservation! Our first stop was the Hualapai Canyon! Wow was this breath taking!! There is no way to get to the bottom of the canyon except by mule or horse! (I wonder if we had a camel, he could make it down the canyon on hump day???
Well, in the photo where it the horses coming up from the canyon, they were delivering mail at the bottom of the canyon!


 See the mail bins on the back of the horse? We met some guys from Minnesota who were going down the canyon and were going to sleep down there and come back the next day. Met a couple from Moldova, and they took our group pictures and we took theirs.

We then went to the Hualapai caverns but didn't go on the tour. But got to see the firetruck from the movie, "Cars." And some trivia, where we are staying, "Peach Springs" is where they took the theme "Radiator Springs" and sites for the movie "Cars."
 We then went to Seligman to eat lunch at the Road Kill Cafe. There were sites outside the cafe to take photos. This one of Austin, and I before him, hopped in this old car, but there was a cactus inside. We both got cactus needles in our leg and butts. Mel was pulling them out of me. Just when you think you got them all, more would stick you again!! There was a lot of road kill inside. I'm trying to upload some but the internet is sooo slow! We have soooo many photos to share though!!

Then Walt took us on the highlight of hump day!! We drove down into the Grand Canyon on the Hualapai Reservation and got to enjoy the Colorado River!! Will tried some fishing, but Pat Piel brought his swim suit and he got to "swim" in the Colorado River! The road we had to travel to get down there was unbelievable!! Some of us just sat by the river and just enjoyed God's creation and just soaked in all the beauty.
 The group photo was taken by the Colorado River!.
   WE got back to the church in time for the Wednesday night service. Then today, Thursday, it is back to work!! Tuesday, the Boss (Fran) had the guys working from 7 am to 11pm. Some of the guys fell asleep in the van on hump day!
 This is Walt navigating through the road to the bottom of the canyon as Fran, drove (?) the van over rocks, and sand and ruts and even through streams of water!

Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth." Thank you LORD for Your beautiful creation here in Arizona!


I wish I could show more photos and the tremendous progress the men have made! I will try to post more Saturday before we depart the red eye back home!!
Thank you for your prayers and your interest!
In Christ, Jan Vogel-Manz for the Davisville AZ Team

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trusting Tuesday from the Davisville AZ Team

Greetings from the Hualapai Reservation!
   Well, our faith was tested! We were looking at the possibility of running out of funds and still needing to purchase more supplies to finish the projects we were designated to do. Marty told the group, "Have faith! The Lord will provide!"
   This is how the Lord provided and encouraged the whole team! While at the Peach Springs Lodge,Fran was approached by this Hualapai member named Walter, asking if we needed help with the project on the church? Fran said, "Sure, but we can't pay you for your work." That was fine with him. Asked if we needed an electrician, which was his trade, and Fran said, "Yes!!" Well, he showed up and was a tremendous help to the men and we were able to have a stove to cook dinner on!


The team was also blessed when 3 men drove up in a truck and asked we needed some wood, some 4 x 4's??? Of course we did, they unloaded their truck with the wood they have and then drove off. (angels??)
In the evening, we got to sit and visit with the Pastor and his wife and sister and 2 others that came. Melody got to work with 2 of the women on their crocheting. I was willing to give Edison (the Pastor) his first piano lesson, but he seemed to be content to just sit and chat.

The Trusses are almost all up on the roof!

I am presently at McDonalds again taking advantage of their Wifi, while Melody and Austin are at Home Depot getting much needed building supplies. I wanted to post a photo of Walter on this blog, but having trouble doing so. I will, Lord willing, post his photo on the next blog! I even tried to post it on FB and hoped to transfer it to the blog. Have patience with me!!!
This morning at breakfast, we prayed and thanked the Lord for Him blessing us with these examples of His provision and encouragement. Marty was correct, "Have faith! The Lord will provide!" He absolutely did!
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and he WILL direct your paths!" Proverbs 3:5,6.
 Oh, and can I just throw in this chuckle about Marty when we were at the Hoover Dam; I wanted to get a photo of the sign saying Hoover Dam, this is how it turned out!

In Christ,
Jan Vogel-Manz for the Davisville Arizona Team!